Sending Friend Requests To Other Members - App

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RVillage is different than Facebook in that when we join we aren't connected because we "know" each other.... YET! (optimal word here).

People OFTEN send friend requests to each other when they have commented on the same post, when someone replies to your post, are members of the same group, arrived in your area, have a profile you can connect with etc... 

Give it a try. No broken bones will occur, and no one will be rushed to the hospital. Once you have friends in your friends list, you can see if any are on a route you set on the map. Maybe then you can then meetup for REALS! (If you like). Here's how...

1. Click on a member's display name on the Home Feed, In a group, or anywhere on the site you see their name, We are using Travel Baums for our tutorial


2. Click "Add Friend".

3. Confirm that you want to add them as a friend.


4. Notice their profile now contains a notice of "Friend Request Pending".



Now that you know how, head over to the site and find some new friends by clicking HERE.

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