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As a group owner, you can use and manage the group forum within your group. Here's how...

Click on "Groups"


Click "Groups I Manage"


Click on the name of the group you want to use or manage.

Click "Group Forum"

Now that you're in your group's forum, you can do many things.

-Click "Start Discussion" to create a new topic in your forum. 
-Add a title, type in the content for your topic, add an image if you'd like, decide if you'd like to receive notifications when members reply to your topic.
-Click "Post New Topic"
You will be redirected to the main Group Forum page where you can now see your new topic.


On your Group Forum page you can do a few things.

- You can click on the name of the member who created a topic to be taken to their profile where you can add them as a friend or send them a message. 
-You can click on the name of the topic to read, comment, or remove inappropriate content as you see fit.

Once you've clicked on a topic you have even more options.

-"Back to Topics" will take you back to the list of topics in your Group Forum.
-Click "Post Reply" to add a reply to the topic you are in.
-Click "Watch Topic" to be alerted anytime someone posts on this topic.
-Click "Make Sticky" to ensure that no matter how many topics are created in your Group Forum that this particular topic will always remain at the top of the Group Forum discussions.
-Click "Close" if you want to ensure that no one can post to that topic. This comes in handy if you see that the topic has gone "off topic" and you need to stop the discussion.
-Click "Rename" to rename the topic.
-Click "Delete" to completely delete the topic.
-Click "Like" to let the member who made the post or comment know that you like it.
-Click "Quote" to include the original post in your comment to a topic.
-Click "Edit" to edit your own topics.
-Click "Report" to report a topic you feel is spam or is inappropriate for the site because it violates our Terms of Use Agreemen.

Now that you know how to use and manage your Group Forum, head over to the site and give it a try by clicking HERE


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