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You can invite members you are friends with to a group you own. You can also manage the members in your group. Here's how...

Inviting Members to your group:

Log into your account

Click "Groups"


4. Click "Groups I Manage"


Select the group you want to invite your friends to. (This is also where you would need to go if you wanted to edit or delete your group)

Click "Invite Members".

You can now either check the "Choose All Friends" box to choose everyone on your friend list, or you can check the box(s) beside the friend(s) you want to invite individually.

When you're finished choosing who to invite click "Send Invites"

 Manage Members in your group:

If you chose "New Members Must Be Approved" when you created your group, you will have to manage member requests to join your group. You can also remove members from your group, and promote members as an officer of your group. Here's how...

Click the three white lines at the top left of your screen.

Click "Groups"

Click "Groups I Manage"

Select the group you want to manage members in (This is also where you would need to go if you wanted to edit or delete your group).


Click "Manage Members"


By default, you will be on the "Approved Members" page. Here you can remove members from your group and make members officers of your group.


If you set up your group so that members have to request membership, the "Unapproved Members" tab is where you will approve or reject those requests. 


If you have sent out invitations to your friends asking them to join your group, the "Invited Members" tab is where you can cancel those invitations. 


Now that you know how to invite and manage members, head over to the site and give it a try by clicking HERE.


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