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In order to connect with others around you, you need to set your location. "Update Location" based on one of the following locations: An RV park or campground, boondocking, at your home base, or traveling.

  1. After logging in, click the green box labeled "Update", next to the RVillage pin.


Next, you will be asked to check-in. The app will find the city it thinks you're in. You can choose to check-in to the location it suggests by clicking "Yes", or you can check into someplace else by clicking "No".


If you click "Yes", you'll be taken to the following screen to check-in to the city, state or RV park. Fill it out and click on "Update Now".


If you click "No", you'll be taken to a screen that allows you to select one of the four location options by clicking on the circle next to: "I'm at an RV Park", "I'm boondocking", "I'm at my home base", or "I'm traveling".

After selecting "No" and clicking on one of the four location options, you will be prompted to enter more information about the location and the date you're there until. For example, if you click on "I'm at an RV Park" you will be prompted to enter the "City, State", "RV Park", and "Until" (your departure date). After entering your information, click on "Update Now".


RV Parks...

When checking in to an RV park, you can also use the "Advanced RV Park Search". 

When you click on "Advanced RV Park Search", you will be taken to the following page in which you can fill in the information and find your park.


If the RV park you're looking for is not in RVillage yet, scroll to the bottom of the "Advanced RV Park Search" page and click on the link shown here to let us know and add it.



Whether you're boondocking on BLM land, in a Walmart parking lot, or at someone's house, you can update your location by indicating the city, state, and your departure date. 


Home Base...

When you're at your home base (e.g. a house or whatever you call home base), you can check in with the city, state, and your departure date.



When you're traveling or not at an RV park, boondocking, or your home base, update your location to "I'm traveling" and enter the date you're traveling until as your departure date. This is a good option if you want to be off the map - no one will be able to see where you are.


  1. Be sure to keep "Notify me of new arrivals" checked so that you can introduce yourself to other RVillagers in your area! 


  2. After you check in, you will see your location and departure date listed on your profile and at the top of every screen when you're logged into RVillage. Other RVillagers can see this information when they go to your profile and you can see theirs on their profile.


Now that you know how to change your Location, click HERE to see who else is around you!

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