Create A New Photo Album On The Home Feed - Desktop

Creating a new photo album is pretty easy. Here's how...

1. Log into your account.

2. Click inside the "Post Something" box and compose your message.

3. Click the "Add Photo" icon. It looks like a photo of a mountain.

4. Click "+ Create A Photo Album".


5. Complete all fields for your new album.

-Give your album a title and select a category.

-Give your album a description, add a location, decide who can see and who can comment on your new album.

-Tag all or just a few of your friends, decide how you want your photos dated, and decide if you want others to have the ability to search for your album.

-Click "Add Photos" and select the photos you'd like to appear in your new album.

-Now that you've added your photos, add a title for your photos. Next, click "Save Photos" at the bottom.

6. You can now add a caption to your photo and decide which photo will be your album cover. If you've added a photo you didn't want, you can select "Delete Photo" to remove it from your album. Once you've got those things taken care of, click "Save Changes".

7. Now that you've added your album, you can see your post by clicking "Home". 

Now that you know how to create a photo album on the Home Feed, head over to the site and give it a try by clicking HERE.

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