What kinds of things will be going on at Rally 2.0?

If you are new to rallies, you may be asking, "what is there to do at a rally?". During the day you will find educational seminars and speakers, TONS of social gatherings focused on common interests, (like crafting, cooking, mechanical repairs and more). You will also find time to connect with those around you and during the activities and entertainment. We are a super friendly bunch so there are no worries about making friends with new people! There will be organized games and activities for all ages. Finally, in the evenings you will have amazing entertainment opportunities with live music, dancing, eating (BIG potluck!), the restaurant, and our trademark Fire Central gatherings that last long into the night, or as long as you want it to last! Besides that, you will have the opportunity to visit our Vendor Village where some of the best businesses in the RV Industry are represented. You'll be able to find everything from storage containers to motorhomes. Within the park, there will be organized events on the river or nearby... kayaking, canoeing, biking, morning walks, morning coffee socials, and more. All of this before you even venture outside the gates! Watch the website for more information.

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