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You can save posts on the site and refer back to them at any time with just a click! Perhaps there's a post about a destination you're interested in, you can save it and easily go back to it and follow the conversation. Or maybe you save a post about a DIY RV remodel project you're planning to do, you can look up the saved post once you're ready to start.

Here's how to save and un-save posts...

1. Log into your account and choose a post you want to save. 

2. Click on the down arrow located on the right side of the post. To save the post, select "Save Post". 


You can save posts on the Home feed, in Groups, and in Park feeds.

3. To view your saved posts, from your 'Home" page scroll below "Share" there is a box;

  • "All Activity"
  • Click on the down arrow next to "All Activity" 


4. Scroll on the rolling scroll menu and go to "Saved Posts" under "All Activity". Then click "Done"


5. This will take you to any posts you have saved. All saved posts, no matter where you saved it from (e.g., Home feed, a Group, or Park feeds), will show up in the "Saved Posts" section.



5. To un-save posts, click on the down arrow located on the right side of the post and select "Unsave Post".



Now that you know how to save and un-save posts, head over to the site and give it a try by clicking HERE

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