How To Create A Poll - using the App

If using Mobile Web (not the app), click HERE

If using the Desktop, click HERE

Do you have a burning question about RV repairs, a destination, or what type of RV to buy? You can create a poll and find out what other RVillagers think. This feature is available to GOLD members only.

Here's how to create a poll...

1. Log into your account via the App.


2. Click on the "Home" button.


3. Click on "Add Poll" You can do this from the "Home" feed, a group, or your profile page.


4. Now your ready to "Create A Poll".

Step 1: Fill out the fields ("Question" and "Choices").


Step 2: To add more choices to your poll, Click on the "Add Another Choice" 


Step 3: Now your ready to "Share" your poll. Click on the "Share" tab.


Step 4: Your Poll will look like this:


Step 5: "Save the Poll/Post" this will allow you to easily look back at the results any time. To "Save the Poll/Post", click on the arrow located on the right side of the post, then select "Save Post".


Step 6: Watch your results come in! 

Check on your poll to see the results.



Now that you know how to create a poll, try one.  Remember, polls are a feature fort GOLD members only.  If you're not a GOLD member yet, click here to find out how you can become one.




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