Creating Automated Custom Group Welcome Message - Mobile

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Group Owners- You may have noticed that we have a new feature for you. We now have the option for you to send an automated custom message to all of your new group members. 

1. Sign in from your mobile device at

  • Click on the "Menu" in the upper left corner, (look for the three white bars).


2. Click on the "Groups" tab.


4. From this menu click on "Groups I Manage".


5. Under your group name click on "Edit Group".


6. Click on the "Group Menu" down arrow on the right.


7. Click on "Welcome Message" to open up the editable custom welcome message.


8. You can edit the "Subject" line, and/or:

  • You can edit the message that is currently there, or add an entirely new one with specific instructions and info about your group.
  • You need to turn this "ON" below the welcome message in order for it to be automatically sent to new members that join your group.
  • Don't forget to "Save Changes".


If you like to send a very personalized message to each member (for example, commenting on things they have mentioned on their profile) then you may want to leave this off (which it is by default) so you can continue sending those out yourself. But for group owners who are manually sending new members the same message, this is a helpful tool.

Now that you know how to Create an Automated Custom Group Welcome Message, head on over to your group page and give it a try.



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