Add A Missing Park - App

If using Mobile Web (Not the App), click HERE.

If using Desktop, click HERE.

 Sometimes the park you're checking into may be missing from our database. No problem! You can submit new parks to us, and we'll add them to our system so you and future RVillagers who travel through the area can check into it. Here's how:

Log into your account via the "App".

1. Click the "Update" (The green "UPDATE" BOX.  


2. Click on "I'm at an RV Park.

  • And click on the "Advance Park Search".


3. Scroll down to the bottom of the park list and click the blue "HERE".


4. Fill out as much information as you can in the text boxes provided.


5. When you're finished, click "Submit". Our support staff will contact you when the park has been successfully added to our database. Now you'll be able to check into your park!

We thank you for helping us keep our data base up to date.

Click HERE to go to the site and request your missing park. 


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