Updating your RVillage location with an internet browser - Desktop

If using Mobile Web (not the App), click HERE.  

Not available on the App.

In the event your browser changes your location without your permission, it could be due to the settings are set to "Allow" your browser to change it.  Here is how to block your browser from setting your location on RVillage, and you can set it to "ASK" you each time, so you have to give it permission to change your location. 

How to block browser from setting your location on RVillage, and also how to have it ask each time.

On your home screen above the RVillage header is the "URL", next to that is a "Lock"

1. Click on the lock.


2. From the drop down box select "Site Settings".


3. Next to "Location" there is a drop down arrow, click on that;

  • Now you can click on one of the choices to "Ask (default)", every time you change a location you will be asked to confirm.
  • "Block" will totally block your browser from changing your location.
  • "Allow" will allow your browser to change your location. 



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